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Chair Yoga- Chair Yoga provides an opportunity for everyone to be involved with a gentle form of yoga.   We will focus on the breath, posture, relieving neck & shoulder tension, joint mobility, muscle flexibility & strength, balance and Hatha Yoga postures will be included.  Learn yoga skills you can easily practice from your chair and throughout your day! 
Gentle Yoga- Gentle Yoga will offer slow moving, standing, balancing, seated and supine Hatha Yoga postures with emphasis on breath, posture release of tension in the lower back, hips, and shoulders.  This class is open to beginners and advanced practitioners.  
Basic Yoga- Basic Yoga will focus on alignment of the body in the key poses of Hatha Yoga.  Attention will be given improving strength, posture, core, and flexibility.  This class is for beginners or seasoned                                                                                    practitioners who want to  
                                                                   tune their practice. 
All Levels Vinyasa Flow- In this class, participants will follow the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga.  This is the Western synthesis of the main Hatha yoga forms linked together by the coordination of breath and movement.  The class will suit all levels of yoga practice.  Participants will be encouraged to start where they are with the simplest poses and gradually progress at their own pace.  Some of its benefits include increased flexibility in the legs, back, hips, shoulders, and neck in addition to relieving stress.
Solar Yoga- Solar Yoga will be a  dynamic class incorporating Vinyasa style practice designed experienced practitioners.  Expect to ignite your core power, building strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility while tapping into a                                                                                          meditative state.
Restorative Yoga-
Relax and nourish your body and mind.  Restorative yoga helps relieve physical and mental exhaustion.  These poses are restful with supportive props. 
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