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Ayurveda and Depression
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Gratitude Meditation

Meditation, Mantras and Creating YOUR Life

Meditation, Mantras and Creating YOUR Life

I’m not sure how long I’ve been meditatingconsistently. I started being more consistent when my yoga teacher suggested that “it will change your life!” during my yoga teacher training. Before that, I’d experienced a change in my life when I’d meditated every night for almost three months.

There was a lot going on for me at this time. I wasmiserablein my middle management, salaried position. I was still beating myself up for not completing dental school.

The Grumpy Yogini.

 We laugh at me sometimes…I can be the Grumpy Yogini. I wish I could say I’m always nice and happy, but I have always been a grump in the morning. It’s just my nature…maybe. I do notice a shift away from grumpy during and after meditation. My morning meditation helps me transition from foggy, sleepy, grumpy to less grumpy…and sometimes even to elated! Meditation is like cleaning off your camera lens before you take a picture, the lens of your mind’s eye, clearing and adjusting, shifting perspective.
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